Our Approach

At Helping LDS Families, we believe in assessing and optimizing all aspects of you as a person: body, mind, heart and spirit. 

This holistic approach helps us find the causes and solutions to your current struggles.


A healthy body leads to a healthy brain.

A healthy brain leads to a happier, more productive life.

As part of your assessment, we will look for potential medical causes for your challenges through blood tests.

These include looking for problems with the blood, kidneys, liver, and thyroid as well as looking for vitamin deficiencies.

We will also assess at your diet, exercise and sleep patterns to see if those can be optimized to solve your problems.

Medications can also be an important part of treatment, as your brain chemistry may need to be optimized. Learn more about medications here.


Our thoughts are what create our lives.

They drive our feelings, actions, and results that we get.

When we can learn to:

  1. Slow down and notice our thoughts
  2. Decide which thoughts we will use (which thoughts serve us)
  3. Train our brain to use productive thoughts and dismiss non-helpful thoughts

We take control of our lives back. 

This is also the realm of choosing our daily habits to reach maximum productivity each day.



Here we look at your ability to feel, name and express your emotions.

Many of us are used to pushing our emotions away, which actually causes more problems than allowing ourselves to feel them.

The other aspect of our “heart” are our relationships with others.

We’ll help you determine how your current thoughts, feelings and beliefs are strengthening or weakening your marriage, parenting, friendships, work, church relationships, and other important relationships.

We’ll also look at your ability to love yourself, and your ability to love your “neighbor” equally. Not more than yourself, and not less than yourself.

The inability to do this is at the heart of many relationships struggles.


Our spiritual sense is what guides the rest of our decisions.

It is our internal compass that lets us feel our incredible worth and reach our potential.

It is our sense of values and conscience.

It is also our sense of purpose, direction and meaning in our life.

We want to help you deeply feel your value, and to detect your unique abilities so you can leave your irreplaceable mark on the world.

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